c1868 – Spotted Fly-Catchers and Nest


“Spotted Fly-Catchers and Nest”, one of 23 full page drawings by Harrison Weir produced for a book by popular writer Mary Howitt, entitled “Birds and Their Nests” c1870. Weir had already established a strong reputation as an illustrator of Birds through his work done on earlier publications on Poultry, his ornithological studies for the Illustrated London News and his contribution to the epic work of J G Wood in his “Illustrated Natural History – Birds”. He was therefore an obvious choice for the illustrations in Mary Howitts book. Many of the illustrations for this book have also found their way into other publications, particularly the popular Childrens series such as “The Childrens Friend” but also in “Band of Mercy” and similar publications. This image currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: c1868 Spotted Fly-Catchers and Nest by Harrison Weir        Title Page: Birds and Their Nests by Mary Howitt

Detail: c1868 – Spotted Fly-Catchers and Nest     Title Page: Birds and their Nests, by Mary Howitt

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