c1862 – Bold Eagle


“Bold Eagle”,  an illustration by Harrison Weir for J G Wood’s epic book “The Illustrated Natural History – Birds”, which contained many hundreds of illustrations by all the leading illustrators of the day, including ‘Wolf, Zwecker, Weir, Coleman, Wood, Neale Harvey etc’ and all engraved by that famous and industrious company of master engravers, “The Dalziel Brothers”, who as virtual contemporaries of Weir, dominated wood-block engraving for almost the entire period of his career, between 1842 and 1900. Currently available in A4, A3 sizing options.


Detail: c1862 Bold Eagle by Harrison Weir            Detail: Title Page from Woods Natural History of Birds

Detail: c1862 – Bold Eagle                                        Title Page: The Illustrated Natural History – Birds, by J G Wood

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