1861 – Peregrine Falcon & Goshawk


A wonderful early colour book plate of breeds of Hawk and Falcon, by a master ornithologist and artist, with years of observation under his belt. This image by Harrison Weir is in more subdued colours but is historically accurate. Weir was a frequent visitor and observer at the Zoological Gardens in Regents Park, London, often providing illustrations from there for the “Illustrated London News”. Along with his brother, entymologist and naturalist John Jenner Weir and fellow Pigeon Breeder and Poultry expert William Bernhardt Tegetmeier, Weir was a regular judge at the many Cage-Birds Shows both at the Crystal Palace, the Birmingham Show and for other societies.  This image is from the 1862 edition of Beetons “Management of HOME PETS”. The registration of colours is imperfect, which tends to show more in the A2 size, but this is part and parcel of the original print.  Currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: c1861 Peregrine Falcon & Goshawk by Harrison Weir   Detail 2: 1861 Peregrine Falcon & Goshawk by Harrison Weir

Details: 1861 – Peregrine Falcon and Goshawk

Detail: Title Page: Beetons Book of Home Pets


Title Page: Beetons – Management of Home Pets c1862

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