1891 – Felidae Family


“Felidae Family” – by Harrison Weir, is a full page ‘frontispiece’ book plate image, taken from “Animals and their Young”, by Harland Coultas, and published by S.W.Partridge & Co, in 1891.  It is likely that this image is however, much older, as it carries both the signatures of the artist, and of the engraver Dalziel and was probably first published in the late 1850’s in Wood’s famous treatise on “Mammalia”.  However, we include it here, as it was used in this particular publication opposite the Title Page.  The illustration does show ‘hyenas’ in the background, plus a leopard acting as first guard in the heights of a tree. But the main subject matter is a great Lion, standing guard over his mate and her litter of lion cubs.

Many of the illustrations in this book were produced well before its publication, many appearing in 1870’s editions of “The Children’s Friend”, but it is also possible that a selection of new ones were created to round off the subject matter of the current publication.  The author, Harland Coultas was a lecturer in botany, at Charing-Cross Hospital, and like many Victorian gentleman of learning, a naturalist with a wide knowledge of many subjects.

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Detail: Felidae Family, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover

Detail: 1891 – Felidae Family                                               Book Cover:  Animals and their Young, by Harland Coultas

Detail: Felidae Family, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Felidae Family, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1891 – Felidae Family                                              (Last detail, with Artist’s and Engraver’s signatures in plate)

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