1891 – Cat and Kittens


“Cat and Kittens” – by Harrison Weir, is a full page book plate image, taken from “Animals and their Young”, by Harland Coultas, and published by S.W.Partridge & Co, in 1891. This is a delightful study of a mother cat and kittens, by the ‘Father of the Cat Fancy”. It combines a view of quiet motherly attentiveness with an equally attentive and playful attitude from the kittens.   The drawing itself is imbued with a joyful and empathetic essence, that is a recognisable trait with many works by this artist, but not surprising given his knowledgeable and affable leanings towards cats in general.  Likewise, it is also reminiscent of a “still” shot, taken from a modern documentary, where we get a small insight into a single tranquil moment in the life of these domesticated beauties.

A must for the cat-lover, prints are currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: Cat and Kittens, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover

Detail: 1891 – Cat and Kittens                                               Book Cover:  Animals and their Young, by Harland Coultas

Detail: Cat and Kittens, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Cat and Kittens, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1891 – Cat and Kittens                                            (Last detail, with artist’s signature in plate)

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