1891 – Badger and Young


“Badger and Young” – by Harrison Weir, is a full page book plate image, taken from “Animals and their Young”, by Harland Coultas, and published by S.W.Partridge & Co, in 1891. This rare study, is of an animal that is also rarely seen even in its natural surroundings, due to its nocturnal  habits and inoffensive shy nature. But if provoked or attacked, it has excellent defense mechanisms at its disposal and is rarely a victim. It is an excellent example of unimposing, quiet fortitude and power and in this illustration we see an adult female in a semi-relaxed context with her young, which appear untroubled and safe. Once again, the drawing is imbued with the mood of conservation, and of a balance between fear and respect for the wild. We view this seemingly calm domestic scene, through the eyes of the naturalist, interested in showing us a glimpse of the truth in nature. Likewise, reminiscent of a “still” shot, taken from a modern documentary, we get to see a moment in the life of these otherwise shy and retiring beauties.

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Detail: Badger and Young, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover

Detail: 1891 – Badger and Young                                       Book Cover:  Animals and their Young, by Harland Coultas

Detail: Badger and Young, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Badger and Young, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1891 – Badger and Young                                     (Last detail, with artist’s signature in plate)


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