1890 – A Friend In Need


” A Friend In Need” is a touching full page illustration from “Two Little Friends” published by George Routledge & Sons, circa 1890. The story relates the need of a Farming Family to sell a much-loved pet horse, Whinnie. But unknown to them, the horse did not wish to be parted from her human family either, and at an opportune moment got away from the groom and galloped across fields to her old home, where she found her former owner, weary and sad. Here she nudged him gently and he was delighted to see her. The story ends happily with horse and family reunited permanently. The image is also happily available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: 1890 A Friend In Need by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Two Little Friends

Detail: 1890 – A Friend In Need                             Book Cover:  Two Little Friends

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