1882 – Robin perched on the Ink-stand


“Robin perched on the Ink-stand”, is a full page book plate image, taken from “Chatterbox”, published by Estes & Lauriat, Boston, in 1882. The accompanying anecdote is somewhat lengthy, so the attached is an abridged version. It starts with the story of an extremely tame Robin, named “Bobby” who after time became a near constant house companion. “So great a pet did he become with my mother, that she often sat with the window open in cold weather, that Bobby might not feel himself shut out. Many a time while busy writing, was she roused by a sweet little song close beside her; and on looking up, saw her tiny friend perched on the ink-stand. As soon as he had gained her attention he would hop onto her writing paper, and stay there while she fetched the expected bit of cake or sugar. His love for music was very marked; the first notes touched on the piano were sure to bring him to the window, pecking for admittance, if it happened to be shut. He would then perch near the instrument, and sing his sweet accompaniment to the music. Thus our little friend lived with us, in and out of the house, perfectly free and perfectly at home, for four years.”

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1882 Robin perched on the Ink-stand by Harrison Weir       Detail: Book Cover, Chatterbox 1882

Detail: 1882 – Robin perched on the Ink-stand        Book Cover:  Chatterbox, 1882, Estes & Lauriat

Detail: Robin perched on the Ink-stand by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1882 – Robin perched on the Ink-stand  (Artist’s signature in plate)

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