1882 – Neptune’s Trust


“Neptune’s Trust” is a full page book plate image of a Newfoundland dog, taken from “Chatterbox” published by Estes & Lauriat, Boston, in 1882. This illustration is accompanied by a very lengthy humorous anecdote, from which we give the following abbreviated excerpts: “A young farmer, whom we will call Mr Smith, had a fine Newfoundland dog, of whose intelligence he often boasted. Some friends were staying with him; they had made arrangements to go fishing during the day and to return to the house that evening for dinner. On the way through to the kitchen they met Neptune and Mr Smith once again boasted of his dog and to make a point, showed the men a fine leg of mutton sitting on the table and thence told Neptune not to let anyone touch it until he returned. So off they went. Later in the day, the cook prepared the vegetables for the evening dinner, but Neptune would not allow her to take the leg of mutton. In desperation she went to the mistress of the house, who said to her, ‘I will set it aright’ and then herself cajoled Neptune but to no avail, neither a bribe nor a threat with a stick would make him submit and relinquish his charge of duty! When the men finally arrived home, hungry and expecting dinner, both the cook and mistress explained the dilemma. Mr Smith, patted the dog and told him what a good dog he had been and that he may now go. The leg was then passed to the cook to do with what she could in the time allowed. The men all laughed and agreed that Mr Smith must be more careful what orders he gave his four-legged servant, when they were so faithfully carried out.”

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Detail: Neptune's Trust by Harrison Weir       Detail: Book Cover, Chatterbox 1882

Detail: 1882 – Neptune’s Trust                                Book Cover:  Chatterbox 1882, Estes & Lauriat

Detail: Neptune's Trust by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1882 – Neptune’s Trust   (Artist’s signature in plate)

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