1882 – A Dog rescued from the Ice


“A Dog rescued from the Ice” is a full page book plate image, taken from “Chatterbox” published by Estes & Lauriat, Boston in 1882. The accompanying anecdote reads: “I went for a walk this afternoon into the country, and came on a piteous scene at a little inland lake not far from the barracks. A large Newfoundland dog had ventured onto the ice after a stick, and when in the very middle, had fallen into an ice-hole, from which he was unable to extricate himself.When we arrived, he had been there for an hour and a half. Poor thing! he looked a noble creature even when in distress, his head and shoulders reared up on his fore-paws on the ice, appealing for succour. The owner was calling to him in a feeble, helpless sort of way. I asked his master why he did not go in and bring his dog out, but that seemed  too ridiculous and idea to be entertained. As he did not seem worthy to possess the noble creature, I asked if he would give him to me if I saved him. ‘Yes’ he said. ‘Off coat and in!’ said I. The ice was nearly think enough to bear, which made it the more difficult to get on. W………. threw me a plank, and by its help, I worked my way. I wish you could have seen how the dog looked as he saw me getting nearer, for I can’t describe it. However, it was done at last, and the dog was saved.”

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Detail: A Dog rescued from the Ice, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Book Cover, Chatterbox 1882

Detail: 1882 – A Dog rescued from the Ice           Book Cover:  Chatterbox 1882, Estes & Lauriat

Detail: A Dog rescued from the Ice, by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1882 – A Dog rescued from the Ice  (Artist’s signature in plate)

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