1882 – Charlie’s Return Home


“Charlie’s return home” is a single book plate image, taken from “Chatterbox”, published by Estes & Lauriat, Boston, in 1882. The accompanying anecdote is entitled “Sagacity of a Dog” and reads as follows: “When about four months old, I gave Charlie to a friend at Greenwich. He was carried to the Station and taken there by train. Shortly afterwards I was informed that Charlie had one evening disappeared from his new home, upon which I had bills circulated offering a reward for his recovery. My friends thought the dog was dead. However, about ten or eleven days after his disappearance, I was one night awakened by piteous cries, and my servant, opening the house-door, called ‘Charlie! Charlie! is that you?’ The garden gate was then shaken violently, and a few minutes after Charlie was by my side, licking my hands and face, and expressing great joy. How the dog found his way from Greenwich into the Brixton Road is a mystery. He had never been to Greenwich until he was taken there in the train. I think he must have travelled by night and hidden himself in the day, but the instinct which enabled him to find his way was certainly very wonderful.”

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Detail: Charlie's Return Home by Harrison Weir       Detail: Book Cover, Chatterbox 1882

Detail: 1882 – Charlie’s return home                    Book cover:  Chatterbox, 1882. Estes & Lauriat

Detail: Charlie's return home, by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1882 – Charlie’s return home   (Artist’s signature in plate)

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