1880 – The Old Horse


“The Old Horse” in a full front page illustration by Harrison Weir, for the June 1st 1880 issue of “The Animal World”, A Monthly Advocate of Humanity. The caption reads: ‘The old horse who followed her driver about the village like a dog.’

In this case, the charming anecdote provided, comes direct from the artists pen, who relates the following: “Mr F.Hartridge, who occupies a small farm adjoining my orchard, was passing down the road in front of my house. I looked over the fence to talk to him, when his old white horse, that was with him, went slowly on. After going about one hundred yards she suddenly stopped and looked round; she then whinnied tow or three times to attract the attention of her master, who called out in a gentle tone, ‘Go On!’  But no such thing, the old horse moved not.  Again and again she whinnied. I said ‘Why, Mr Hartridge, the old horse won’t leave you!’ ‘No’ said he, ‘she will not go home without me, though she is tired.’  And sure enough she would not, for the next moment back came the poor old thing, full trot, and coming up to her master, rubbed her head about his face and neck in the most loving manner possible, and I do not know who seemed the most happy, the horse or her master. I bade him good night, and watched them both turn the corner in the road which hid them from my view, with a feeling of pleasure that I have never had surpassed.”   HW.

A delightful story, the image is clean and bright, and prints are available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


1880 The Old Horse by Harrison Weir       1880 The Old Horse by Harrison Weir

Details: 1880 – The Old Horse who followed her driver about the village like a dog.

1880 June 1st, The Animal World..The Old Horse

The Animal World June 1st 1880 Full Page Detail: 1880 The Old Horse by Harrison Weir

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