1879 – The Happy Family


“The Happy Family” is a recurring theme in the work of Harrison Weir, in most cases but not all, including a cat and a multitude of other small animals grouped together, either voluntarily as in this case, or sometimes forced to share a cage. Generally it was to demonstrate that a number of “natural enemies” could quite happily co-habitate, and sometimes form unusual and strong bonds. This image is from “Anecdotes in Natural History” by Rev. F.O.Morris, published by S W Partridge & Co, in 1879. Available currently in A4 and A3.


Detail: 1879 The Happy Family  Book Cover: Anecdotes in Natural History by Rev F.O.Morris

Detail: 1879 – The Happy Family                Book Cover: Anecdotes In Natural History by Rev.F.O.Morris

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