1879 – Cat and Hare


“Cat and Hare” comes to us from “Anecdotes In Natural History” written by Rev.F.O.Morris, and published by S.W.Partridge, in this case, circa 1879.  The brief description accompanying the illustration provides:  Captain Thomas Brown states: – “A man, one day in September 1793, saw in a hayfield, in the Parish of Storrington, Surrey, a cat and a hare at play together; and he was gratified with the sight for more than ten minutes, when the timid animal, on being alarmed at his nearer approach, ran into a thicket of fern, and was followed by the cat.” This event, which happened now 220 years ago, has been beautifully captured by both the imagination and pencil of Harrison Weir.  Prints currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: Cat and Hare, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Anecdotes in Natural History by Rev F.O.Morris

Detail: 1879 – Cat and Hare                                        Book Cover: Anecdotes In Natural History, by Rev F.O.Morris

Detail: Cat and Hare, by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1879 – Cat and Hare

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