1878 – The White Sparrow


“The White Sparrow – by Harrison Weir” is a full page book plate image, taken from the “Chatterbox Album of Animals”, published by W.W.Gardner, circa 1878. The short anecdote accompanying the illustration, reads as follows: “A German farmer was very badly off. His friend told him of a certain wonderful white sparrow, which was only to be seen very early in the morning. The farmer got up in order to see the white sparrow, and discovered how his servants cheated him. He determined to rise early every morning, and look after things. As soon as he began to do this, his fortune mended, But he never saw the white sparrow. By degrees, the saying passed into a proverb: ‘He that would thrive, Must the white sparrow see’.”  (Editors note: There is no such bird as a White Sparrow)

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Detail: The White Sparrow, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover

Detail: 1878 – The White Sparrow                                    Book Cover:  Chatterbox Album of Animals, 1878

Detail: The White Sparrow, by Harrison Weir       Detail: The White Sparrow, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1878 – The White Sparrow

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