1878 – The Shetland Pony


This particular image of a “Shetland Pony” by Harrison Weir has been used many times, in many variations in Children’s magazines and books. This version is from “The Chatterbox Album of Animals” published by W.W.Gardner, in 1878.  Under the picture is the following description: ‘The Shetland Pony is a native of the rocky Shetland Islands, off the north-eastern coast of Scotland. This little creature is strong and sure-footed. It is especially valuable in mountainous districts. But in many a home in Southern England, where there are no mountains, the little Sheltie, with its shaggy mane, is the useful favourite of the boys and girls’. Image currently available in A4 and A3, but if you would like an A2, please email us, as we think that may be a viable option if needed.


Detail: 1884 Shetland Pony by Harrison Weir       Book Cover" The Chatterbox Album of Animals 1878

Detail: 1884 – Shetland Pony                               Book Cover: The Chatterbox Album of Animals

Detail: 1884 Shetland Pony by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1884 – Shetland Pony (Background Ponies)

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