1878 – A novel boot-jack


“A novel boot-jack – by Harrison Weir” is a full page book plate image, taken from the “Chatterbox Album of Animals”, published by W.W.Gardner, circa 1878. The short anecdote accompanying the illustration, reads as follows: “Major Rogers, being pursued by an elephant, sprang up into a tree. But before he could get out of reach, the elephant seized his leg. Still Rogers pulled, thinking it better to lose his leg than fall back into the animal’s power. But the struggle did not last long, for, to the Major’s great delight, his Wellington boot slipped off, and saved his leg. The elephant, after destroying the boot, remained beneath the branches, and kept poor Rogers in the tree for twenty-four hours. Then, the country postman happening to pass by, Rogers shouted to him, and soon help came, the elephant being frightened away by tom-toms and yelling.”

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Detail: A novel boot-jack, by Harrison Weir       1878 The Chatterbox Album of Animals..Book Cover

Detail: 1878 – A novel boot-jack                          Book Cover:  Chatterbox Album of Animals, 1878

Detail: A novel boot-jack, by Harrison Weir       Detail: A novel boot-jack by Harrison Weir

Details: 1878 – A novel boot-jack.                 (Last detail with artist’s signature in plate)

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