1877 – The Happy Family


This version of “The Happy Family” theme involves a Spaniel Dog and a Hen who are only too happy to share the duty of care for the hens young chicks. Published in “The Children’s Friend” 1877, the drawing is a splendid rendering of the true story, which comes J.Courtenay Lord, (of  Rowington, Warwick), who advises: ” I have in my stable yard, chained to her kennel, a brown spaniel, an excellent sporting dog. Some three months back, a hen, with her brood of twelve chickens, left the poultry yard and took up her abode in the kennel, without opposition. As the chickens grew larger, part of them used to nestle under the dog.”  We think the picture speaks for itself. Currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: 1877 The Happy Family by Harrison Weir       Title Page: The Children's Friend 1877-78

Detail: 1877 – The Happy Family                     Title Page: The Childrens Friend 1877

Detail: 1877 The Happy Family by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1877 – The Happy Family

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