1877 – The Badger


“The Badger” is a beautiful rendition in colour from the 1877 publication of “Harrison Weir’s Pictures of Animals” published by The Religious Tract Society, London. The colours are bright, but rich and earthy, and this print offers an attractive option for the room of a young naturalist or lover of wildlife! Currently available in A4, A3 and an impressive A2 sizing option.


Detail: 1877 The Badger by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Harrison Weir's Pictures of Animals : The Religious Tract Society

Detail: 1877 – The Badger                                          Book Cover:  Harrison Weir’s Picture of Animals

Detail: Book Plate Signature, 1877 The Badger by Harrison Weir       Full Width image: The Badger by Harrison Weir

Detail: Bookplate Signature                                      Full Width Image: 1877 – The Badger

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