1876 – That’s nought to me..


“That’s nought to me…” is a full page book plate image taken from “The Man’s Boot and Other Tales” by Gertrude Sellon, published by Griffith & Farran in 1876. All eight illustrations in this delightful little book are by Harrison Weir and his name is proudly advertised on the cover surrounded in gilt. This particular image, illustrates the story of a young dog, who is still selfish and self-centred, and who is given many opportunities to help others, that he does not take up. Eventually he comes to a perceived crisis of his own, and realises that everyone needs to look out for each other. An excellent story for young children on the shared responsibility we all have, to care for our fellow members of society. The illustrations in the book are varied, but of excellent quality, and exemplify Harrison’s talent for enhancing the storytellers art, with his very skilled “interpretative” pencil!

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Detail: That's nought to me.. by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: The Man's Boot and Other Tales

Detail: 1876 – That’s nought to me…                               Book Cover:  The Man’s Boot and other Tales, by Gertrude Sellon

Detail: That's nought to me... by Harrison Weir       Detail: That's nought to me... by Harrison Weir

Details: 1876 – That’s nought to me…                             (Last detail with artist’s signature in plate)

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