1876 – Prize Cows at The Dairy Show


This full page illustration, presents the Prize-winning Cows and Calves exhibited in The Dairy Show, held at the Agricultural Hall, Islington. It was published in the Illustrated London News, Nov 4th, 1876. What few people know, is that Harrison Weir was one of the primary instigators of “The Dairy Show”, as a way of promoting the Farmers of England and their prime producing livestock. Produce was also high on the list of items being promoted, eggs, cheeses, butter, anything that was produced on the average Dairy Farm. Harrison was of the view that any animal shown had to not only meet its Standard for conformation, but of equal importance, was its standing as a quality producer. Both HAD to go hand in hand, one not being sacrificed at the expense of the other.  He applied these same rules, particularly to Poultry, measuring his own stock against these combined requirements. This lovely image of some fine specimens of Dairy Livestock is available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.



Detail: 1876 prize Cows at The Dairy Show by Harrison Weir       1876 Prize Cows at The Dairy Show by Harrison Weir

Details: 1876 – Prize Cows – The Dairy Show at the Agricultural Hall.  (From the “Illustrated London News” Nov 4, 1876)

1876 Prize Cows, The Dairy Show, Agricultural Hall, by Harrison Weir

Detail: Full Page image – Prize Cows – The Dairy Show at the Agricultural Hall, 1876


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