1876 – Old Tom


“Old Tom” is an illustration by Harrison Weir, depicting the beloved pet cat, a favourite, owned by the late Sir James Emerson Tennent. It is one of those rare cat illustrations that does not generally surface when searching for cat illustrations by Harrison Weir. It was published alongside an Obituary for Sir James, that appeared in the April 1876 issue of ‘The Animal World” (A Monthly Advocate of Humanity). The obituary recalls the work done by Sir James to expose the cruelty perpetrated against both dogs and turtles in the island nation of Ceylon. The drawing shows an intelligent and affectionate cat. (black cats in particular are very difficult to draw to show to advantage), so this is an excellent example of that skill. Available currently only in A4 and A3 sizing options, but for the enthusiast it may be possible to take it up to A2. If that is your wish, please ask.


Detail: 1876 Old Tom, beloved pet of Sir James Emerson Tennant, by Harrison Weir       Old Tom, beloved Pet of Sir James Emerson Tennant, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1876 – Old Tom, beloved pet of Sir James Emerson Tennent

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