1876 – The Irish Horse Tamer


“The Irish Horse Tamer” is an illustration from the book, “Stories About Horses” published by S W Partridge & Co, which was reviewed in “The Animal World” in June, 1876. It tells about one James Sullivan, of the county of Cork, who was otherwise known as “The Whisperer” (today as The Horse Whisperer). Sadly like so many of his profession, he passed from the world without having shared his talent. The article and the accompanying illustration give a good account of his abilities and the narrative gives several examples of his many successes with difficult horses. Image available in A4, A3 and an A2 sizing option.


1876 The Irish Horse Tamer by Harrison Weir       1876 The Irish Horse Tamer by Harrison Weir

Details: 1876 – The Irish Horse Tamer   (from “The Animal World” and “Stories About Horses”)

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