1876 – The Faithful Watcher


“The Faithful Watcher” is an image taken from an 1876 edition of “The Children’s Friend”. In the anecdote accompanying this illustration we are told of a poor man who had to move house and who had a large and faithful dog. From the loaded wagon, a chair and basket fell during the trip and the dog saw it as his duty to guard them. The owner, on getting to his destination, found that the chair, basket and dog were all missing. The next day on his return trip for another load, he was delighted to see his dog and his belongings together, where the dog had faithfully watched over them. The text also says: “Mr Harrison Weir has sent us this accompanying beautiful drawing of the dog anxiously gazing along the road for signs of the return of his master.” The image is currently available in A4 and A3 sizing options.


Detail: 1876 The Faithful Watcher by Harrison Weir       Title Page: The Childrens Friend 1876

Detail: 1876 – The Faithful Watcher                   Title Page: The Children’s Friend, Vol XVI, 1876

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