1874 – Sagacity of a Cat


“Sagacity of a Cat – by Harrison Weir” is a full page book plate image, taken from the “Chatterbox Album of Animals”, published by W.W.Gardner, circa 1878. The short anecdote accompanying the illustration, reads as follows: “A lady had a tame bird, which she let out of its cage every day. One morning, as it was hopping about, and picking up the crumbs of bread off the carpet, her cat, which always before showed great kindness for the bird, seized it on a sudden, and jumped up with it in her mouth upon the table. The lady felt frightened at first, but on turning round, she instantly saw the cause; the door had been left open, and a strange cat had come in. When it was driven out, her own cat got down, and dropped the bird without doing it the least injury.”

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Detail: Sagacity of a Cat, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Chatterbox Album of Animals

Detail: 1874 – Sagacity of a Cat                              Book Cover:  Chatterbox Album of Animals, 1878

Detail: Sagacity of a Cat, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Sagacity of a Cat, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1878 – Sagacity of a Cat                          (last detail with artist’s signature in plate)

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