1873 – Pie-John, playing with the Kittens


This illustration is one of a series, illustrating the relationship between a Pigeon named “Pie-John” and a litter of kittens. The image comes from the August 1873 edition of “The Children’s Friend”, published by S.W.Partridge. Pie-John lost his mate early on and immediately transferred his affections to the cat, “Poppety”. When Pie-John took to Poppety, she seemed to be fully assured that he was no longer a bird, but a friend. When Poppety became the parent of some beautiful kittens,Pie-John adopted the whole contents of the basket as his own peculiar property. Needless to say, he cared for mother and kittens as though they were his own and when they grew up and began moving around, he followed them everywhere and played with them, involving himself in all their gambols. While fully expecting Pie-John to become the victim of these games, he nevertheless was unharmed and not in the slightest put off. Mr Weir’s delightful picture is an indicative illustration of these unusual events.

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1873 Pie-John playing with the Kittens, by Harrison Weir       Detail: The Children's Friend 1873

Detail: 1873 – Pie-John playing with the Kittens       Title Page:  The Children’s Friend, 1873

Detail: Pie-John playing with the Kittens, by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1873 – Pie-John playing with the Kittens

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