1872 – The Two Friends


“The Two Friends”, by Harrison Weir, is a full page book plate image, taken from the January edition of “The Children’s Friend”, published by S.W Partridge & Co, in 1872. The illustration is accompanied by a short anecdote, taken from the writings of the historian of Selbourne, which reads as follows: “The two incongruous animals spent much of their time together in a lonely orchard, where they saw no creature but each other. By degrees an apparent regard began to take place between the two sequestered individuals; the fowl would approach the horse with notes of complacency, rubbing herself quietly against his legs, while the horse would look down with satisfaction, and move with the greatest caution and circumspection, lest he should trample on his diminutive companion.”

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Detail: The Two Friends, by Harrison Weir       Title Page: The Children's Friend 1872

Detail: 1872 – The Two Friends                                            Title Page:  The Children’s Friend, 1872

Detail: The Two Friends, by Harrison Weir       Detail: The Two Friends, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1872 – The Two Friends

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