1872 – Fox Hunting


Although named “1872 – Fox Hunting”, the correct and original caption for this image is “Stealing Away”. It appeared as a detailed and dramatic full page image, in the April 27th, 1872 edition of “The Illustrated London News”. It is a superb piece of draughtsmanship, both in the composition and execution of the drawing, by Harrison Weir; and the exemplary engraving, which was undertaken by John Greenaway. The subject matter was highly contentious, by this time, many Victorian people believing the practice of fox-hunting to be a cruel and unnecessary sport. In his usual way, Harrison showed it for what it was…but in this case, (as sometimes did in fact happen), the fox escaped. Hence the references to the “sly” or “wiley” old fox….one fox was even reported to have doubled back and entered a farmhouse, jumping into the crib where it hid with a baby! Another, to have jumped down a well, to escape the hunting dogs.  One of our favourites, this amazing and tasteful piece of wildlife art, is available in all sizes, from A4, and A3, to an amazing A2, and full dramatic A1.


Detail: 1872 Stealing Away by Harrison Weir       Detail: 1872 Stealing Away by Harrison Weir

Details: 1872 – Stealing Away  (Fox Hunting) taken from “The Illustrated London News”.

Detail: Head Study, Stealing Away by Harrison Weir              Full Page Image: 1872 Stealing Away by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1872 – Stealing Away                                      Full page image: 1872 – “Stealing Away”

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