1870 – Cat protecting a poor Hen


“Cat protecting a poor Hen”, although drawn by Weir  in 1870, comes to us in the circa 1879 publication of “Anecdotes In Natural History”, by Rev.F.O.Morris, published by S.W.Partridge. The accompanying anecdote reads: ” On a farm near Leipsic a cat was observed to have a particular regard for a chicken. She almost constantly attended it, and protected it from every danger. But what is still more remarkable, this attachment on the part of the cat continued after the chicken grew up. When the poultry were called to receive their food, Grimalkin was sure to make her appearance, and would not allow any of the other hens to peck till her favourite had first eaten her fill; after which she let them satisfy themselves.”

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Detail: Cat protecting a poor Hen, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Anecdotes in Natural History by Rev F.O.Morris

Detail: 1870 – Cat protecting a poor Hen         Book Cover:  Anecdotes In Natural History, by Rev.F.O.Morris

1870 Cat protecting a poor Hen, by Harrison Weir

1870 – Cat protecting a poor Hen

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