1870 – Cat and Leveret


“Cat and Leveret”, although drawn by Weir  in 1870, comes to us in the circa 1879 publication of “Anecdotes In Natural History”, by Rev.F.O.Morris, published by S.W.Partridge. The accompanying anecdote takes its story from another author, a Mr White, from his “Natural History of Selborne”. The anecdote tells of a cat and a leveret, the cat, having lost its kittens, and the leveret, being orphaned, which the servants fed with milk in a spoon. The story follows: “However, in about a fortnight, as the master was sitting in his garden, in the dusk of evening, he observed his cat, with tail erect, trotting towards him, and calling with little, short, inward notes of complacency, such as they use towards their kittens, and something gambolling after, which proved to be the leveret, that the cat had supported with her milk, and continued to support with great affection.

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Detail: Cat and Leveret, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Anecdotes in Natural History by Rev F.O.Morris

Detail: 1870 – Cat and Leveret                                 Book Cover:  Anecdotes In Natural History,  by Rev.F.O.Morris

Detail: Cat and Leveret, by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1870 – Cat and Leveret

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