1868 – The wisest way with the Sheep


“The wisest way with the sheep” is a full page book plate image, taken from “Clever Dogs, Horses, etc” authored by Shirley Hibberd, and published by S.W.Partridge & Co, circa 1868.  The sheep dog in this illustration is called “Smart”. The rather lengthy anecdotes accompanying the illustration, describe a couple of events where “Smart” discharged his duties particularly well. We give here, an excerpt here of just one of them, entitled “Smart, the Circumventing Sheep-Dog”: – “…the dog was taught how to drive sheep, especially how to turn them back when they took a wrong road, without worrying them.” “..At such times, it is the custom to send the dog after them, at the top of his speed. He is not long in overtaking them, when, if the waether be warm, and the lanes narrow and dusty, the sheep are much frightened, and not infrequently hurt hurt by falls or by crushing each other. Now to prevent this, Mr Scott would order his dog Smart to go to the other side of the hedge, saying, ‘Now go ahead, and bring ’em back’. In a short time Smart would peep over or through the hedge, when satisfying himself that he was ahead of the sheep, he would come coolly out of the hedge, and bring them back down the lane so gently as not to give them the least alarm!”

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Detail: The wisest way with the Sheep, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover, Clever Dogs, Horse etc by Shirley Hibberd

Detail: 1868 – The wisest way with the Sheep     Book Cover: Clever Dogs, Horses etc, by Shirley Hibberd.

Detail: The wisest way with the Sheep, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Artist's signature in plate

Details: 1868 – The wisest way with the Sheep      (Last detail: Artist’s signature in plate)

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