1868 – The Two Cats and the Sparrow


This image of two cats and a sparrow comes to us from the October 1868 edition of “The Children’s Friend”, published by S.W. Partridge & Co. The accompanying anecdote reads: M.Hecant, of Valenciennes, procured the kitten of a wild cat, which he so effectually tamed, that she became the friend and protector of a domesticated sparrow. M.Hecast always allowed the sparrow to fly about about in perfect liberty. One day a cat belonging to a neighbouring house had seized upon this sparrow, and was making off with it; but this wild cat, observing her at the very moment, flew at puss, and made her quit the bird, which she brought bleeding and half dead to her master. She seemed, from her manner, really to sympathize very sincerely with the situation of the poor sparrow, and rejoiced when it recovered from the injuries, and was again able to amuse itself with the wild grimalkin.

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Detail: Two Cats and a Sparrow, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Title Page - The Children's Friend 1868

Detail: 1868 – Two Cats and a Sparrow               Title Page:  The Children’s Friend, 1868

Detail: Two Cats and a Sparrow, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Artists signature in plate,Harrison Weir

Detail: 1868 – Two Cats and a Sparrow              Detail: Artists Signature in Plate (1864 – Two Cats and a Sparrow)

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