1868 – Dog and Lambs


The Illustration of “Dog and Lambs” comes to us from the November 1868 edition of “The Children’s Friend” published by S.W.Partridge & Co. The anecdote accompanying the engraving reads as follows:  “During a disastrous lambing season at Kirkbean, many lambs were taken by the shepherds to their masters’ or their own homes, and nursed as carefully as orphan children. A female hound noticed what was going on, and, strange to say, succoured and saved more than sixty woolly nurslings, that might otherwise have perished. Night and day she might be seen, lying on sheepskins before the kitchen fire with half a dozen lambs around her.” (Taken from: Anecdotes in Natural History, by Rev.J.O.Morris.M.A.)

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Detail: Dog and Lambs by Harrison Weir       Detail: Title Page - The Children's Friend 1868

Detail: 1868 – Dog and Lambs                                  Title Page:  The Children’s Friend, 1868

Detail: Dog and Lambs by Harrison Weir       Detail: Dog and Lambs by Harrison Weir

Details: 1868 – Dog and Lambs

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