1868 – The Disconsolate Crane


“The Disconsolate Crane” is a full page book plate image, taken from the January edition of “The Children’s Friend”, published by Seeley, Jackson and Halliday in 1869. The anecdote accompanying the illustration reads as follows: “The Rev. F.O.Morris relates the following remarkable fact:-‘A gentleman had for some years been possessed of two fine cranes. One of them at length died, and the survivor became disconsolate. He was apparently quickly following his companion, when his master introduced a large looking-glass into the aviary. The bird no sooner beheld himself reflected than he fancied his mate for whom he mourned had returned to him! He placed himself close to the mirror, plumed his feathers, and showed every sign of happiness. The Scheme answered completely; the crane recovered his health and spirits, passed almost all his time before the looking-glass, and lived many years after, at length dying from an accidental injury.’ “

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Detail: The Disconsolate Crane, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: The Children's Friend 1869

Detail: 1868 – The Disconsolate Crane                            Book Cover:  The Children’s Friend, 1869

Detail: The Disconsolate Crane, by Harrison Weir       Detail: The Disconsolate Crane, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1868 – The Disconsolate Crane                          (Last detail with artist’s signature and date in plate)


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