1868 – Cat and Pigeon


“Cat and Pigeon” is an image illustrating a true anecdote published in September 1868 issue of “The Children’s Friend.” A Dr Stanley relates the story: “A pigeon had made her nest in a loft much infested with rats, which had more than once destroyed her eggs or devoured her young ones. Her repeated losses at length induced her to rebuild her nest in another part of the loft where a cat was rearing three kittens, with whom she contrived to form a strong friendship. They fed from the same dish, and when the cat went out into the field the pigeon was often observed to be fluttering near her. The pigeon, aware of the advantage of  her protection, had placed her nest close to the straw-bed of the cat, and there in safety reared two broods of young ones; and in return for the protection she experienced from the cat, she became a defender of the young kittens, and would often attack with beak and wings, any person approaching too near.” This image is currently available in both A4 and A3 sizing options.


Detail: 1867 Cat and Pigeon by Harrison Weir       Detail: Title Page - The Children's Friend 1868

Detail: 1868 – Cat and Pigeon                                   Title Page: The Children’s Friend, Vol VIII, 1868

Detail: 1867 Cat and Pigeon by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1868 – Cat and Pigeon

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