1867 – “Mad Arabian” and Lamb


“Mad Arabian and Lamb” is a full page book plate image taken from “Our Four-Footed Friends”, by Mary Howitt, and published by S.W.Partridge in 1867.  The story line in the book draws a short anecdote delivered by a Mr Goldilands to some children in which he is quoted as follows: “The good old man smiled, and pondered for a moment, then said that the only instance which occurred to him at that moment was that of a lamb which was the inseparable companion of a horse, supposed, at one time, to be untameable. This was a horse belonging to Mr.Jennings, and called ‘The Mad Arabian,’ from his furious disposition. He was afterwards tamed  by Hughes, of the London Circus, and became so attached to a lamb that he would allow it to mount his back and gambol upon his shoulders.”

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1867 "Mad Arabian" and Lamb, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover

Detail: 1867 – “Mad Arabian” and Lamb                         Book Cover:  Our Four-Footed Friends, by Mary Howitt

Detail: "Mad Arabian" and Lamb, by Harrison Weir       Detail: "Mad Arabian" and Lamb, by Harrison Weir

Details: 1867 – “Mad Arabian” and Lamb                       (Last detail, with artist’s signature in plate)

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