1867 – Friends in Need


“Friends in Need” is a full page book plate image taken from “Our Four-Footed Friends”, by Mary Howitt, and published by S.W.Partridge in 1867.  The author in this case is quoted as giving the accompanying anecdote, “of which I now present to my young readers with an excellent illustration , by Harrison Weir.” The anecdote reads as follows: “M.de Boussanelle, captain of cavalry in the regiment of Beauvilliers, mentions that a horse belonging to his company being disabled by age for eating hay or grinding his oats, was fed for two months by two horses who ate with him. They drew the hay out of the rack, chewed it, and put it before their aged comrade, and in the same way prepared for him his portion of oats.”

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Detail: Friends in Need, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover

Detail: 1867 – Friends in Need                                            Book Cover:  Our Four-Footed Friends, by Mary Howitt

Detail: Friends in Need, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Friends in Need, by Harrison Weir

Detaisl: 1867 – Friends in Need                                            (Last detail, with artist’s signature and date in plate)

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