1867 – A Dog’s Head..Newfoundland


The print we are offering in this instance is a composite of our own making. It features both the close-up image taken from the front page of a March 9th 1867 issue of “Harpers Weekly” which featured this very detailed engraving entitled “A Dog’s Head” (By Harrison Weir), with another detail line drawing of a Newfoundland Dog, that appears in the ‘Vere Foster’ series of Copybooks. The subject matter itself has been rendered several times, firstly as an engraving in “Our Dumb Companions” in 1863 where it was entitled “The Dog than ran away with the brushes”. Then it reappeared in this version in the Harpers Weekly in 1867, and lastly it also featured in “The Animal World” as “The Queens Favourite”, some 39 year after the original publication, in 1902. Also in 1902, Harrison produced it as a Water-Colour, the original of which is now in our collection. We have shown here the original full page from the Harpers Weekly, plus details of the engraving. We can, if you wish it, provide you with a print, solely of the front page image of Harpers Weekly, with heading and article. Or you may opt, for our composite. An ideal gift for the lover of the Newfoundland breed, this print is the composite and is available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


1867 Harpers Weekly March 9th, with illustration by Harrison Weir       1867 A Dogs Head by Harrison Weir

1867 -March 9th, Harpers Weekly              Detail: 1867 -A Dogs Head (taken from Harpers Weekly)

Detail: 1867 A Dogs Head by Harrison Weir       Detail: Newfoundland Dog from Vere Foster's Copy Books by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1867 – A Dogs Head                                Newfoundland, from the Vere Foster copybook series (by Harrison Weir)


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