1867 – “Dandie” Turned Driver


“Dandie Turned Driver” is the frontispiece image opposite the Title Page of Mary Howitt’s book “Our Four-Footed Friends”, published by S.W.Partridge in 1867.  This image relates to a series of anecdotes about a dog named “Dandie”, owned by Mr McIntyre, of Regent’s Bridge in Edinburgh. On this occasion, Mr McIntyre, who manufactured Mangles, had ordered a mangle to be delivered by cart to Portobello, near Edinburgh.  Of this, Dandie knew nothing, and Mr McIntyre, having returned to his house some distance from the warehouse, took Dandie with him to see the mangle properly delivered. After he had gone a little way, Dandie disappeared and Mr McIntyre went on without him. Before long, however, he came up with the cart, and to his great surprise, there it stood with the horse’s head turned towards Edinburgh, and Dandie acting as driver with the reins in his mouth, whilst the irritated driver stood by the cart menacing and even cudgelling Dandie with his stick. But to no purpose. Dandie, we may be sure, had some reason for suspecting that all was not right, and until his master gave the order, nothing would induce him to resign the reins or allow the horses head to be turned.  The moment is beautifully captured in the illustration of Dandie’s doings!  Available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: "Dandie" Turned Driver, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Our Four-Footed Friends

Detail: 1867 – “Dandie” Turned Driver               Book Cover:  Our Four-Footed Friends, by Mary Howitt

Detail: "Dandie" Turned Driver, by Harrison Weir       Detail: "Dandie" Turned Driver, by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1867 – “Dandie” Turned Driver               Detail: Artist’s Signature in Plate (1867 – “Dandie” Turned Driver)

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