1867 – Cat And Her Companions


“Cat And Her Companions” illustrates a brief anecdote from life, published in the November issue of “The Children’s Friend” of 1867. A Miss Seward of Lichfield, who wrote “Memoirs of Dr Darwin” mentions a favourite cat who had been broken of her propensity to kill birds, and lived several years without molesting a dove, lark, and redbreast that were kept tame, and used to fly about the room where the cat was daily admitted. ‘The dove frequently sat on pussy’s back’ and the little birds would peck fearlessly from the same plate out of which she was eating.  (Excerpt from: “Our Four-footed Friends” by Mary Howitt). Image currently available in both A4 and A3 sizing options.


Detail" 1867 Cat And Her Companions by Harrison Weir       Detail: Title Page -The Children's Friend 1867

Detail: 1867 – Cat And Her Companions         Title Page: The Children’s Friend, Vol VII, 1867

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