1865 – Our Puss and Her Kittens


“Our Puss and Her Kittens” is in fact the name of the children’s book that this image is taken from, but the caption to the picture is “Tulip and her kittens” and it is a two-page centre-spread. This is an extremely early example of printing in colour using the cat as the theme, so although the quality of the images is generally poor, it does show an important historical step in both printing and publishing. This booklet is part of a series, of the “Aunt Mavor’s Toy Books” a six-penny series published by George Routledge and Sons, printed circa 1865. Copies are very rare, and finding one in an acceptable condition is even more difficult, so we are fortunate to have this one in our collection.  The image is available in A4, A3 and A2, but A2 will show all the imperfections of the original, including the string tying the pages together in the centre-spread and any other marks or shortcomings. However, from a historical point of view, this is a rare and dynamic example of early cat art from the “Father of the Cat Fancy”, and one which we are very pleased to be able to preserve.


Detail: Tulip and her Kittens, by Harrison Weir       Boolet Cover: Our Puss and Her Kittens by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1865 – Tulip and her Kittens                       Booklet Cover:  Our Puss and Her Kittens

Detail: 1865 Tulip and her kittens by Harrison Weir       Lead Page: Our Puss and Her Kittens

Detail: 1865 – Tulip and Her Kittens                        Title Page, with notation of Illustrator

Centrespread (Full) Tulip and Her Kittens by Harrison Weir

Full centre-spread (2 pages) – Tulip and Her Kittens

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