1865 – Gipsy and the Chickens


“Gipsy and the Chickens” comes to us as a full page illustration in “Animal Sagacity”, edited by Mrs S.C.Hall, and published by S.W.Partridge, circa 1866. The drawing was executed in 1865 and was also featured in the Oct 1865 edition of “The Children’s Friend. The story is about a Skye Terrier, Gipsy, who came to adopt  two little chickens, but in her enthusiasm licked and cleaned them, until she had licked off their new downy feathers as fast as they grew!  In time they were separated long enough for the chickens to grow feathers, but they remained fond of the dog, who although sometimes guilty of hunting fowls, never molested the children of her adoption. This image is available currently in both A4 and A3 sizing options, but could, with a push, possibly go to A2 for the enthusiast.


Detail: 1865 Gipsy and the Chickens by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Animal Sagacity edited by Mrs S C Hall

Detail: 1865 – Gipsy and the Chickens              Book Cover:  Animal Sagacity, edited by Mrs S C.Hall

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