1865 – Dandie’s Contempt


“Dandie’s Contempt” is a full page book plate taken from “Animal Sagacity”, edited by Mrs S.C.Hall, and published by S.W.Partridge, circa 1866. the anecdote accompanying this illustration tells of a Newfoundland dog named “Dandie”, whose master had taught him to take a penny to the Baker’s shop every morning with which he bought a loaf of bread and which he was allowed to keep and eat. But one day, a friend of the master’s decided to play  a trick on him, and gave him a bad penny. The dog duly took it to the baker, who looked at the penny and then gave it back to the dog with no loaf. Dandie was not amused, but taking the penny, he reasoned with himself as to what to do. He was then seen going back to the house of the man from whom he had received the penny, and laid the penny at the feet of the servant who opened the door, then walked away with more than a look of disappointment, a look of pure contempt!  as it if to say, “tell your master he is a deceiver and I shall take no more pennies from him!”  This image is currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: Dandie's Contempt by Harrison Weir     Book Cover: Animal Sagacity edited by Mrs S C Hall

Detail: 1865 – Dandie’s Contempt                      Book Cover:  Animal Sagacity, edited by Mrs S.C.Hall

Detail: Dandie's Contempt, by Harrison Weir       Detail: Artists Signature: Dandie's Contempt

Detail: 1865 – Dandie’s Contempt                      Detail: Signature in Plate (1865 – Dandie’s Contempt)

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