1864 – The Kingfisher’s Haunt


A very popular full page image and colour supplement from the Christmas Number of the Illustrated London News in 1864. Entitled “The Kingfisher’s Haunt”, this image proved to be extremely popular with the public and was saved and framed by many of the recipients who purchased the Christmas Number of that year. Now very rare as an original edition, copies seldom surface, but we were fortunate in obtaining one. Currently available in A4, A3 and A2 size options.


Deatil: 1864 The Kingfisher's Haunt by Harrison Weir  Detail 2: 1864 The Kingfisher's Haunt by Harrison Weir


Detail: 1864 -The Kingfisher’s Haunt              Detail 2: 1864 – The Kingfisher’s Haunt

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