1862 – Danco and His Keeper


“Danco and his Keeper” is a full page image, drawn in 1862, and taken from “Animal Sagacity”, edited by Mrs S.C.Hall and published by S.W.Partridge, circa 1866. It related the story of the remarkable docility of a Lion at Brussels. The den needed repairs, but the carpenter assigned to the task was not keen to enter the den while the lion was there. The keeper assured him he would take the lion to the farthest part of the enclosure and keep him occupied while the work was done. This he did, but wearied and eventually lay down beside the beast and fell asleep. The carpenter, upon seeing this when the work was done, was terrified. The Lion however did not raise itself, but only growled as if to deter the carpenter from coming near the keeper. The keeper awoke and much to the carpenters relief, others let him out of the den.  A remarkable story of trust between man and beast. Available currently in both A4 and A3 sizing options.


Detail: 1862 Danco and his Keeper, by Harrison Weir       Book Cover: Animal Sagacity edited by Mrs S C Hall

Detail: 1862 – Danco and his Keeper                  Book Cover:  Animal Sagacity, edited by Mrs S.C.Hall

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