1861 – The Cat


“The Cat” appears in the fifth issue of “The Children’s Friend” in the first Volume of this magazine, issued in 1861 and published by Seeley, Jackson & Halliday. This image has subsequently appeared again, with colour added, in the 1866 publication, “The Children’s Pictorial Museum of Birds, Beasts & Fishes” published by Ward, Lock and Tyler, and again as late as 1897, in “Stories of Animal Sagacity” published by S W Partridge. So its lifespan between first and last publication thus far is 36 years! Perhaps we will find it yet again. But it has stood the test of time. We currently can offer it in both A4 and A3 sizing options, although it could probably go to A2 with a push!  (the colour version is listed in this gallery under “1866 – Poor Pussy”).


Detail: 1861 The Cat by Harrison Weir       Title Page: The Children's Friend 1861 (Vol 1)

Detail: 1861 – The Cat                                                Title Page: The Children’s Friend, 1861 (Vol.1)

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