1859 – Golden Polish


One of a string of well-known books on Poultry illustrated by Harrison Weir, but now quite rare, is that by the Hon.Mrs Arbuthnot, an enterprising woman who became a well-known Poultry breeder and expert in the field, and who produced a book entitled “The Henwife” in 1859. This award-winning little book , published in Edinburgh, by Thomas C Jack, contains 10 beautiful coloured plates by Harrison Weir, and is dedicated to a young Miss Burdett-Coutts, who was to become the wealthiest woman in Britain, and a highly active and recognised patron of the R.S.P.C.A.  Although a small book, the images are clear and robust with strong colouration, allowing us to successfully reproduce them in both A4 and a stunning A3 format, with no noticeable loss in quality. This image is simply entitled “Golden Polish”.


Detail: 1859 Golden Polish by Harrison Weir     Cover Design: The Henwife by The Hon.Mrs Arbuthnot

Detail: 1859 – Golden Polish                                Book Cover Logo: The Henwife, by the Hon.Mrs Arbuthnot

Detail: 1859 Golden Polish by Harrison Weir


Detail: 1859 – Golden Polish


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