1859 – Blackbird and Thrush in Covert


In 1859, expectations were high for the follow-on Illustrated London News full page Christmas Number Colour Supplement, which the year before had begun with the Robin singing in winter, entitled “A Christmas Carol Singer”. The follow-on image was this stunning rendition of a “Blackbird and Thrush in covert” which featured as the second only full page Christmas Number colour supplement and the second in a string of such supplements over the years to follow, several of them by Harrison Weir. Currently available in A4, A3 and a superb A2 size option.


Detail: 1859 Blackbird and Thrush in Covert by Harrison Weir  Detail: Blackbird and Thrush in Covert, illustration from Poetry In Nature by Harrison Weir

Detail: 1859 – Blackbird & Thrush in Covert.     Detail: Black & White similar drawing from Poetry In Nature 1861.

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