1858 – Drovers Dog (B & W)


This remarkably lifelike study of a “Drovers Dog” first appeared as this black and white engraving, in what is now an extremely rare publication entitled “Animals from the Sketchbook of Harrison Weir”. The drawings were subsequently engraved by ‘Greenaway and Wright’, and the booklet was published by Cundall & Addey in 1858. At a later date, in 1866, a few of the original drawings reappeared, rendered this time in colour, in a publication entitled “The Children’s Pictorial Museum of Birds, Beasts & Fishes” published by Ward, Lock and Tyler. It has been suggested that the original drawings were done as a tribute to Harrison Weirs father, John Weir, who was a capable artist and doting father, that willingly devoted many hours drawing animals for Harrison and his older brother, Jenner Weir, as children. We are therefore delighted to be able to preserve this rare drawing and to make it available for others to appreciate in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.



Detail: 1858 Drovers Dog by Harrison Weir       Detail: 1858 Drovers Dog by Harrison Weir

Details: 1858 – Drovers Dog.    From “The Sketchbook of Harrison Weir” published by Cundall and Addey.

Head Detail: 1858 The Drovers Dog by Harrison Weir

Head Detail: 1858 – Drovers Dog

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