1857 – The Artistic Dog


“The Artistic Dog” is one of a series of eight anthropomorphic drawings created to illustrate eight individual Tales about Dogs, by four separate writers, namely Robert E Brough, Alfred Elwes (himself a distinguished and capable artist), James Hannay, and Edmund F.Blanchard. The illustrations were all from the pencil of Harrison Weir. All were brought together in a book entitled “Funny Dogs with Funny Tales” published by Addey and Co. in 1857. The book was produced during a time when “The Savage Club” was in its infancy, and Weir, who was an early member and friend of co-founder W.B.Tegetmeier, would have been mixing in this new circle of charismatic, literary and artistic men, networking among his peers. The book was a resounding success and sold well, and was reported with illustrations in the daily papers on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Copies can still be obtained today but clean and clear copies are becoming a little scarce.  In this rendering, Harrison no doubt drew upon his own personal experiences as an artist. We are pleased to be able to offer all eight images in A4, A3 and A2 sizing options.


Detail: 1857 The Artistic Dog by Harrison Weir       Book Cover Logo: Funny Dogs with Funny Tales

Detail: 1857 – The Artistic Dog                               Book Cover Logo: Funny Dogs with Funny Tales

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